Dr. Henry M. Morris, Father of Scientific Creationism

One courageous man doing the difficult thing can at times be enough to change the entire momentum of a battle.   Dr. Henry Morris, the father of the Scientific Creation movement, was just such a man. Christian culture in America had long been losing its battle against the secular humanist worldview, but with the publication of The Genesis Flood 1 , Dr. Morris changed the momentum, and put acolytes of Darwinist evolution on the defense. For an entire century, academic life in America had been dominated by “evolution”, the idea that that life spontaneously generated out of non-life by sheer chance over billions of years of earth history.   According to this model, which is the scientific undergirding for secular humanism, a single living cell had somehow arisen, and through a gradual process of reproduction, mutation and survival of the fittest, had given rise to increasingly complex multicellular organisms, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and finally mammals, including m

Car Jack: A Short Story For Friends and Family

*****Of all my mother's short stories, this is one of my favorites, and highlights the importance of our view of the world. Car Jack: a Short City-Drama in the Vernacular     It was supposed to be a “lark”, a “caper”; like something from a late night movie.   We were just going to “borrow” a car, ride around for a couple of hours, then go back home.   But here we are, and here we’re supposed to stay.             We had gone to a shopping center.   A strip mall of clothing shops, fast food joints, and a health-food store.   Rummy had the idea, and like dopes, we went along with it.   He was the one who supplied the joints. He was the one who hyped us up.   He should be here with us now, not safely out of it.             We saw this little old lady coming from the mall exit.   She wore a dark coat, hat, gloves, and carried a shopping bag.   Fumbling through her purse for her keys, she wasn’t paying attention to anything or anybody else as she went up to the old stati

Why Christian Fiction?

Why isn’t the Bible enough?   Why do we need Christian fiction like Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth ?    I have been asked this question more than once, but I  think I understand what the questioner is getting at.   It is a grief to see how t he fictional entertainment of our decayed culture is so often used to twist and corrupt tender young minds.  Some may even be coarsened by it to the point of depravity, and it takes only moment of exposure to Hollywood to see why!   For one thing, the striking images and seductive ideas of the world of entertainment are utterly steeped in secular humanism, a wrong view of the world that presupposes there is no God.   Viewers are constantly exposed to every form of vice and immorality, and this exposure cannot help but eventually harden or even deaden the conscience.   And it is not just movies or television: b est-selling novels can do much the same thing. Wouldn’t it be better, therefore, to avoid fiction and entertainment altogethe

Folded Rock Layers: Evidence of Noah’s Flood?

Motorists driving along Interstate Highway 68 in Maryland are often intrigued by the dramatic curves and folds in the layers of sedimentary rock in Sideling Hill.   It is a sight that becomes more puzzling if you reflect on it.   Obviously, b ecause of gravity, sediments always spread out horizontally; but in  this cut, the layers of solid rock are not flat or horizontal, but curved up!    How could that happen?   Stopping at the rest area for information, you soon discover that folded rock layers like that are not rare at all: in fact, the multi-state geologic region to which Sideling Hill belongs is actually characterized by closely folded rock strata 1 .   And numerous examples of even more extreme folded rock are found all around the globe, including in frequently visited parts of the Grand Canyon. 2 Investigating further, you are told that according to the accepted historical geologic model (uniformitarianism), the six to nine mile deep layer of sedimentary rock covering the ea

Before Noah's Flood: Noah's Boys in the City of Mother Earth. Adventure, Romance, and Hope in the Face of Catastrophe

How do you keep a positive outlook when the whole world is going off a cliff?   In this classic adventure for all ages, an aging patriarch relates his thrilling experiences in the Last Days of the Old World, an antediluvian time of decline and impending catastrophe much like our own.   A budding young inventor, Japheth’s peaceful plans are shattered when calamities strike, and his life becomes filled with perplexing moral questions, conflicting desires, and a seemingly endless series of dangerous challenges.   Bolstered by his solid upbringing at the feet of the patriarchs, a healthy sense of humor, and the support of his faithful brothers Shem and Ham, Japheth survives sudden disasters, resists seductive beauties, and narrowly escapes death from monstrous behemoths.   When corrupt politicians betray their homeland, the sturdy brothers fight, but are taken as hostages to the powerful but doomed City of Mother Earth.   Determined to do what is right, the brothers turn the d

Were Biblical Behemoths Actually Dinosaurs?

Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth is a thrilling tale set in the perilous Last Days before Noah’s Flood, a time remarkably like our own.   In some of their adventures, the heroes of the story encounter giant behemoths, huge animals that seem identical to dinosaurs.   Could people actually have co-existed with dinosaurs? How else could you explain the following descriptions?   “Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you; he eats grass like an ox.   See now, his strength is in his hips, and his strength is in his hips, and his power is in his stomach muscles.   He moves his tail like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs are tightly knit.   His bones are like beams of bronze, his ribs like bars of iron.   He is the first of the ways of God; only He who made him can bring near His sword.   Surely the mountains yield food for him, and all the beasts of the field play there.   He lies under the lotus trees, in a covert of reeds and marsh.   The lotus trees cover him with th

Too Many Fossils: Evidence of Noah's Flood?

Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth is a thrilling tale of inventions, adventure, and romance set in the Last Days of the Antediluvian World, a time of stubborn wickedness and violently conflicting worldviews, just like today.   As described in the first book of the Bible, God utterly destroyed the world with a great cataclysm, deluging it with water for a full year.   When the water subsided, everything was changed, and the only animals or people that survived were those that entered Noah’s Ark. But isn’t that just a myth—a fairy tale?   Hasn’t science proven that all life was the result of “billions and billions” of years of purposeless evolution?   Lifeless matter spontaneously produced living cells that reproduced.   Over millions of years of accidental mutations, death, and “survival of the fittest”, diverging species became more complex until intelligent human life finally emerged.   We all know the story.   And the fossil record proves it, right?   Maybe not! One probl

Sedimentary Rock: Evidence of Noah's Flood?

Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth is an exciting tale of adventure and romance set in the years before Noah’s Ark and Noah’s Flood, the catastrophic deluge that drowned the wicked culture of Noah’s day, and drastically changed the face of the entire earth.   But wasn’t Noah’s Flood just a made-up fairy tale, a religious myth?   After all, we have all been taught that people are actually the product of millions and millions of years of Darwinian evolution, and that the cosmos developed over “billions and billions of years.” The dogma is a familiar one: first, a Big Bang, and then a slow, gradual upward ascent from inanimate matter to living cells, and finally to complex animal species and mankind.   Such an intricate and delicate process of minor genetic changes occurring over a geologically vast period of time must somehow be evident in the geological record, right?   But what do the rocks show?  Are some things so obvious we might overlook them? The photograph above is

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