The Strange Death of Europe: Like the Days of Noah

“It is always better to know the truth.”     As I plodded through David Murray’s important book,   The Strange Death of Europe , I had to remind myself of that.  The truths he documents are painful.     As a young Christian, I felt privileged to visit Europe, having been inspired by the book    Here I Stand  (Roland Bainton), the story of Martin Luther.  Luther had courageously proclaimed the forgotten truth that in Christ we are justified by faith apart from the works of the law, a  simple but revolutionary truth that changed the worldview of Europe.     Though the cost of that changed worldview included bloody wars, Protestant Europe gave rise to modern science, the end of slavery, the spread of the Christian gospel to the world, and the American revolution, with a government established by “We the people.” The historical benefits of Christian Europe are beyond measurement, so it is especially tragic to see it collapse and die from suicide. So, what is happening in Europe tod

The Golden Secret: Mom's Classic Children's Story

The Golden Secret Story and Illustrations by Libby Horning A  long time ago, when travel was slow and no one had ever heard of automation, there lived a most unhappy king. His name was King Regen of Bugovia. He was a fine fat king, and should have been jolly, but he was sad because the people of his kingdom were unhappy and were always quarrelling. Bugovians awoke in the morning with a frown and a scowl.   Mothers burned the breakfast toast, And fathers cut themselves while shaving. Children gulped their milk and got stomach aches. Every day, the people got grouchier and grouchier, and the toast got blacker and blacker, and fathers decided not to shave at all, not ever.  This was bad, because the fathers grew beards that itched and scratched something awful. One day after the cook had served him a terrible breakfast of cold fried eggs and very black toast, King Regen roared at his unhappy cook.

Mensa Reviewer: Noah’s Boys Satisfying, Expertly Drawn, with a Happy, Hopeful Ending

Fans of Noah’s Boys may be pleased to read the highly favorable review of  Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth published in the March 2018 issue of the American Mensa Society (Region 4).  The Mensa reviewer, Margy Lancet Fletcher, thought the title intriguing, and she found it to be a “satisfying work of fiction with expertly drawn characters and a happy, hopeful ending.” Excerpts: Book Description: “This richly imagined Biblical fantasy starts simply enough: with an [ancient] ornamental brick acquired by the author…. [after it breaks] metal sheets [were found] that comprise a journal kept by Japheth, the oldest son of Noah, the preeminent ark builder from the book of Genesis.  What follows is the story of Japheth and his younger brothers, Shem and Ham, and several generations of extended family who inhabit Enoch’s Valley, a lush, paradisiacal community of devout, industrious, charitable individuals.  Sadly, this Heaven-on-Earth is in constant threat of invasion by a host
Christian Author's Festival It will be a pleasure to attend the Christian Author's Festival this year in Virginia Beach.  It will be held this coming Saturday, 14 April 2018, from 11:00 at the Thalia Lynn Baptist Church, 4392 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA.  Please come and join me in lots of fun!

Book Review: Evolution's Achilles' Heels

Evolution’s Achilles Heels is a gripping, up-to-date (2015), highly illuminating look at the science surrounding evolution versus creation: it is a must-read for every Christian involved in today’s cultural war.   While the publication of Scientific Creationism in 1974 revealed the shallowness of the science behind evolution at that time, Evolution’s Achilles Heels brings forty additional years of fresh research into the scientific discussion.   It shows that those areas of knowledge most commonly considered strengths of the evolution model are actually its most crippling weaknesses. The topic is of overwhelming practical importance, because while Darwinian evolution has dominated academic circles for 150 years, it has also provided the intellectual justification for the secular humanism dominating the West today, as well as Marxist/Leninist Communism, Nazism, and other forms of socialism. The outcome of evolution’s strictly naturalistic worldview has been linked to racism, slave

The Geologic Column: Evidence for Evolution, or Noah’s Flood?

The Standard Geologic Column is a hypothetical model of historical geology based on Charles Lyell’s classic book Principles of Geology , published in 1830.     Rejecting the biblical catastrophist worldview (Noah’s Flood), Lyell devised a new interpretive framework that rejected God, rejected the Bible’s record, and presupposed that presently observed processes were “the key to the past.”  Perhaps because rejecting the biblical view also meant rejecting the moral constraints of the Bible, Lyell’s uniformitarian view rapidly became popular.   It soon attracted the particular attention of Charles Darwin, who was happy to discover vast periods of time to make his atheistic model of evolution seem plausible. According to the evolutionary view, the earth is at least 4.5 billion years old, and the 6-8 mile thick blanket of sedimentary rock that covers the earth only gradually accumulated over millions of years.   Layers in the “geologic column” are dated by certain index fossils, and reve

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“Noah’s Boys—Because sometimes things end in catastrophe.”

— S. Macbeth

“Finally! A Noah’s story for adults!”

— Enoch’s Valley News

“Realistic, yet hopeful; sheer fun!”

— J. Springfield