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Expunging Hymnals from the Church: A Sign of Apostasy

Over the past 60 years, I have increasingly become annoyed to see Protestant worship services become shallow and tepid, and I think a big reason for this is that the hymnals have been taken out of their racks.   Don’t get me wrong.   I actually like the worship songs, mostly—unless they strike me as whiny, or as Christian “jingles”, or they are used as 7/11 songs: seven verses sung eleven times.   And the choir directors, musicians, and singers are fine people, and earnest Christians.   I don’t expect every music director to be as outstanding as Tobin Davis of Shadow Mountain Community Church (El Cajon, CA).   I can be well satisfied with moderately good selection of music, moderately well played.   But I think the music of the worship service is very important.   As Halley’s Handbook says it, there are two purposes for Christian worship services: expositional Bible teaching and congregational singing.   All that is required for congregational singing is a pianist (or orga

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“Noah’s Boys—Because sometimes things end in catastrophe.”

— S. Macbeth

“Finally! A Noah’s story for adults!”

— Enoch’s Valley News

“Realistic, yet hopeful; sheer fun!”

— J. Springfield