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“Noah’s Boys—Because sometimes things end in catastrophe.”
— S. Macbeth
“Finally! A Noah’s story for adults!”
— Enoch’s Valley News
“A parable of modern times for Americans...really a personal testimony to the upcoming generation, clad in a believable story...a poignant
juxtaposition of Eden or Shangri-la with the decadent culture sadly familiar to U.S. moderns.”
— Uncle Steve
“Realistic, yet hopeful; sheer fun!”
— J. Springfield
“You finally finished your Dam Book!”
— Uncle Don
“A Modern Classic; A Tour De Force!”
—Luella Clampett
“What if the Bible actually were true? What if these were the Last Days again, just like before the Flood? A marvelous book!”
— Anonymous
“The best adventure tale ever!”
— Mrs. L. Horning
“I can’t wait to see it on a theater screen!”
— Karen S.


  1. A very thought provoking book. There are so many parallels to what is happening today in the world.

  2. Cleverly written and imaginative stories of the adventures of Noah's sons. Had lots of action and suspense. The many correlations to today's modern society were also clever. Was a great read.
    Gail C.

  3. the highly favorable review of Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth published in the March 2018 issue of the American Mensa Society (Region 4). The Mensa reviewer, Margy Lancet Fletcher, thought the title intriguing, and she found it to be a “satisfying work of fiction with expertly drawn characters and a happy, hopeful ending.”


    Book Description: “This richly imagined Biblical fantasy starts simply enough: with an [ancient] ornamental brick acquired by the author…. [after it breaks] metal sheets [were found] that comprise a journal kept by Japheth, the oldest son of Noah, the preeminent ark builder from the book of Genesis. What follows is the story of Japheth and his younger brothers, Shem and Ham, and several generations of extended family who inhabit Enoch’s Valley, a lush, paradisiacal community of devout, industrious, charitable individuals. Sadly, this Heaven-on-Earth is in constant threat of invasion by a host of godless neighbors, most notably from the City of Mother Earth, who resent the prosperity of Enoch’s Valley and covet its natural and monetary wealth. Noah’s boys, their families, and many other allies engage in many battles with enemies (both human and beast), not-so-natural disasters, and their own temptations in this engaging adventure tale presented from an authentically youthful perspective. Noah’s Boys is a satisfying work of fiction with expertly-drawn characters and a happy, hopeful ending.”

    Has this book changed the way you think?
    “While I am not entirely in agreement with the worldview that the author presents in his Biblical parable, I am impressed with his literary talent, his breadth of historic and cultural knowledge (most chapters include informative ‘editorial’ footnotes), and his dedication to his craft.”

    How long might it take to read this book?
    “I urge all potential readers not to be daunted by the size of the volume (438 pages). The lively yet straightforward prose and the large print (nice and easy on senior eyes) ensure as effortless and pleasant a task as, say, a cruise down the Hiddekel River. This journey should last no longer than two or three days.”

    Provide a short characteristic section:
    “Patriarch, I hesitate to tell you this, but I fear some of our own elders are becoming worse than beggars. One of them has even adopted the worldview of a thief! …. A few days ago, Achbor announced a grand proposal to cure poverty. Enoch’s Valley could become a paradise again, he said, just like the Garden of Eden, if each of us simply gave up all the property we had accumulated—all the gold, land, food, that kind of thing---and then redistributed the property to give everyone exactly the same amount. He graciously volunteered to undertake the redistribution himself! Instantly, he said, our society would achieve equity, harmony, and contentment. And we could keep it that way, he said, by simply not allowing anyone to sell things for more than they actually cost. That was his plan! He was serious, too, although even a donkey could see that his plan would remove any incentive to work and produce things of value in the first place!”

    Additional Comments:
    “This book… can be acquired through Amazon or the publishing company I assure you that your efforts will be rewarded and appreciated…”


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“Noah’s Boys—Because sometimes things end in catastrophe.”

— S. Macbeth

“Finally! A Noah’s story for adults!”

— Enoch’s Valley News

“Realistic, yet hopeful; sheer fun!”

— J. Springfield

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