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Korean Drama, Hollywood Entertainment, and Noah’s Boys

The 2018 Korean drama “My Ajusshi” is simply a masterpiece.  Although we have loved the lighthearted romantic comedies such as “I Am Not a Robot” and “Pinocchio” since becoming acquainted with Korean dramas, this somewhat darker drama is so wonderfully satisfying that it has now become our favorite.  Beautifully written, produced, acted and directed, and with a fine musical score, “My Ajusshi” [My Mister] is the gripping story of two people whose lives seem to be hopelessly miserable, but whose growing bond eases their loneliness and encourages their hearts. Though springing from a Buddhist worldview rather than Christian, this absorbing story has very thought-provoking insights into the human condition, and far more than any Hollywood movie I can think of.  In fact, I am now convinced that Korean dramas are far more Christian-friendly than about anything from Hollywood. My Ajusshi was a sixteen hour investment, but I found it so rewarding that I even watched it twice! The drama gives

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“Noah’s Boys—Because sometimes things end in catastrophe.”

— S. Macbeth

“Finally! A Noah’s story for adults!”

— Enoch’s Valley News

“Realistic, yet hopeful; sheer fun!”

— J. Springfield