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Noah: Not a Myth!

Noah was a real person whose importance in history cannot be overemphasized.   Moses, the writer of the first five books of the Bible (the Torah), believed in him, as did Jesus Christ.   If Noah was only a myth, as it is popular for academics to assert, then Moses and Jesus were both frauds, and any faith we have is pointless. But what do we really know about Noah?   The answer is: quite a bit.   While some cite ancient Sumerian fragments of the Gilgamesh epic that seem to parallel Noah’s story, our only reliable source of knowledge on Noah is actually the Bible itself. Noah was the key character in the story of the Great Flood (Genesis chapts 5-9), and altogether his name appears in the Bible 46 times. Noah’s Genealogy --Noah was the tenth patriarch, and named by his father Lamech as one who would “comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands,” (Gen 5:29) --Noah, his wife, his three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth) and their wives entered the ark: eight persons in al

Inventions: Japheth's Favorites

The Hydraulic Ram Japheth’s Stream Pump is featured in Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth , and is a pump powered by the flow of the stream itself.   Whether or not Japheth was its original first inventor, his pump seems to have been an antediluvian predecessor of the modern hydraulic ram.   His pump was based on the principle that air may be compressed like a spring, but that water is incompressible, and conducts force. History of the Hydraulic Ram: The hydraulic ram has been named one of the 55 most important inventions in the history of the world ( People’s Cyclopedia , 1879). For more than 200 years, the hydraulic ram has been a major contributor to improved health and sanitation, as well as to crop production, gardens, and landscaping. While a manually controlled form of hydraulic ram was invented in 1772 (John Whitehurst of Cheshire, England), when the inventor Joseph Montgolfier (more famed with his brother Jacques as the inventors of the hot air balloon) added a one

Catastrophes and Adventures

A Wartime Adventure Catastrophes may strike anyone at any time , as Noah’s Boys discovered.   But whether or not they are later seen as an Adventure has to do with the End of the Story.   My own father experienced a personal catastrophe when he was shot down over Nazi Germany.   Later, however, he described it as “My Wartime Adventures.”    Here is a part of his story. “For our first actual mission over enemy territory in September of 1944, we were given a “used” B-17-E: the patched-up veteran of many missions.   The ground crew said it was a lucky one.   Very early that morning we joined up with a big formation of B-17’s.    I recall looking out my Co-Pilot window as we first flew into “flak.”   I saw the B-17 on my right hand get hit by Ack-Ack and explode on the bomb run.   It went down fast —and no parachutes appeared!   Ten men were doomed!   That was a sobering first vision of combat. Being winter, many missions were called off due to adverse weather or bad visio

Reasons to Believe Evolution or Creation: Mother Earth Academy

Noah’s Boys in the City of Mother Earth stands in stark contrast to most popular works of fiction, in that it is based in the worldview that man, and all of nature, was supernaturally created.   But why should a thinking person accept that, when our popular culture proclaims that “evolution is a proven fact,” and that “the cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be.” 1 The fact that the issue is so contentious, and not simply an obscure topic of dispassionate scientific curiosity, points to a sobering underlying truth: evolution is the intellectual justification for two major worldviews (Secular Humanism and Marxism-Leninism) that have brought death to at least 100 million people during the past century. 2,3 One complicating factor in this controversy is that, while evolution has been touted as “scientific fact,” the actual fact is that it is not actually even a theory, something that may be observed or tested.   The creation of the universe, or the sudden appeara

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